The germ of the idea for a new chapter started with five brothers who were working at Glenfield Middle School in Montclair, New Jersey. These brothers were: Adam Richerg, Principal; Tyrone Scales, Vice-Principal; Walker Campbell, Ralph Campbell and Ralph Robertson.

On March 17, 1973, an organizational meeting was held at the home of Walker Campbell to form a new chapter. Present were Walker Campbell, Ralph Robertson, Calvin Roberts, Adam Richberg, Milton Upton and Reginald Brown.

On March 24, 1973, a meeting was held at home of Adam Richberg to select officers, select a budget, plan for a charter day ceremony and present a program of activities for the remainder of the year. Present at the meeting were: Adam Richberg, Tyrone Scales, Milton Upton, Leonard Dean, Walker Campbell, Leonard Johnson and Reginald Brown.

We received our charter dated May 2, 1973. The charter ceremony was held on Saturday, July 28, 1973 at the home of Walker Campbell. Charter brothers listed in attendance and who paid the necessary dues were Adam Richberg, Reginald Brown, Walker Campbell, Ralph Robertson, Milton Upton, Calvin Roberts, Tyrone Scales, Leonard Dean, Leonard Johnson and Ralph Rogers.


Adam Richberg, Basileus 
Tyrone Scales, Vice Basileus
Reginald Brown, Keeper of Record & Seal 
Milton Upton, Keeper of Finance 
Calvin Roberts, Chaplain 
Leonard Johnson, Historian 
Leonard Dean, Assistant Dean of Pledges 
Ralph Robertson

August 31, 1974

Leslie Hoyle

Sagacious 7

Spr 1975

Grady McMillon
Robert Davis
Donald Hunter

Lone Rock

May 18, 1979

Leroy Wilson

Three Claps of Thunder

February 26, 1981

Mike Brown
Monty Brooks
Melvin Abernafy

H. Simplex- 9

May 24, 1986

Keith Bell
+Chris Cokley
Richard Gardner
+Glen Jenkins
Melvin McClain
Rodger Yancey
Gregory Branch
Kevin Korngey
Erwin Ponder 

Midnight X-Press

May 22, 1987

Eric Anderson
Ray Frazier
Anthony Hayes
Kevin Larkins
Joe Parker
Bradford Brown
John James
Wayne Sellers
Perry Simmons
Randolph Biddle
Jeffrey Simmons
Neil Wilcox

Different Strokes

June 11, 1988

Marvin Thomas
Michael Lucky
Joseph Greer
William Kelly

Hell Hounds Hell Bound

May 12, 1989

Dr. Ron C. Brown
Shelton Porter
Kenny Tyson
Ron W. Brown
Antoine Stevenson
Albertus Jenkins
+Cory Henry
+David Jones
Darrel Hartsfield
+Jeffrey Williams

Juice Men of Respect

March 28, 1992

Ruben Roberts
Reynald Altema
Curtis Humphrey
Edward Pizzaro
Darrell Johnson
+Kendall Hendricks
Maitland Muse
Mark Booker
Jim Clark
Kyle Herbert
Chris Grant
Rasheed Abdunafi
Terrance Knox
Jeffery Olive
Melvin Knight
Lewis Guest
Mark Thompson
Kevin Richberg
Robert Roache
Jack Farrell
Langston Harley
Morris Lucky
Ramon Williams
Stephen Penniston
Dave Frazier
John Funches
Anthony Williams
+Cyprus Williams(undergraduate Bloomfield College)

K-9 Prophecy

April 1, 1995

Peter McKnight
Ernest Savoy
Jepthaw Scipio
Ray Brown
Steve Palmer
Robert Randolph
Elbert Lewis
Kevin Bearden
Christian Atexide

Canine Posse

March 22, 1997

Keith Pressey
Dr. Walter Goodwin
Michael Williamson
Michael Hackett
Kojo McCallum
Derrick Simon
Malik Abdunafi
Scott Nelson
Ottis Jerome Anderson

Dogs on a Desert

April 22, 1999

Sammy Davis Jr.
Barry Pilgrim

3 Salty Dogs

April 28, 2000

Kevin Gleaton
Injeel Harris
Mike Santos

5 Degrees from Hell

April 21, 2002

Stafford Quiroz
Kevin Taylor
Roland Whitley
O. T. Wells 
Marion Bell

Lost In Space

April 1, 2007

Edward A. McEwen III
Delroy Morgan
Lawrence Woods
Bill Primus
Steve Williams

Two Soul Survivors

December 13, 2008

Terrance Williams
Steven Cole

The Spazmatic 4

April 23, 2011

Clarence Manuel
Steve Pamon
Michael Riley
Walter Douglas, Jr.

The Final Four

January 5, 2013

Boyce Ennis
Tyrone C. Turner
Al-Majid Hutchins
Stanley Elliott

9 Acquitted Souls

June 20, 2015

Kenneth King
Kevin Cox
Lance Wigfall
Larry Martin
Jahaad Scott
Omari Jemmott
Todd Warren
Jeremy Ballard
Ralph Solages

Deep Cover 9

April 29, 2017

Steve Graham
George Williams
Dave Harry
Reggie Long Jr
Dave DuPiche
Zamel Johnson
Chikeze Ukeje
Aaron King
Elijah Grant

Six Sons of Service

November 3, 2018

Mark Bronner
Hosia Reynolds
Alex Brown
Olateja Ishola
Qaudir Johnson
Marcus Broughton

Firmament of Omega 6

April 22, 2019

Joseph Hooper
Baja Rowe
Ted Green
Robert Dilworth III
Wayne Stackhouse Jr.
Vernon Pullins Jr.

The 50 Boys

April 1, 2023

Shamik Songui

Jonathan Clerie

Steve Jean

Tajmir Anderson

Steven Pierre-Paul

Ali Beh

Shawn Clark

Isaiah Cromwell

Clarence Ates

Bali Johnson

Raymond Smith

Anton Rudolph

Tomory Boyer

Eric Harrield

Karim Lannaman

Past Basilei of Eta Pi Chapter

  1. Bro. Adam Richberg* (1973 - 1974)
  2. Bro. Ralph Rogers* (1975)
  3. Bro. George Horton* (1976 - 1977)
  4. Bro. Reginald Brown (1978 - 1979)
  5. Bro. Leslie Hoyle* (1980)
  6. Bro. Adam Richberg* (1981)
  7. Bro. Charles Henry (1982-1983)
  8. Bro. Grady McMillion* (1984 - 1985)
  9. Bro. Joseph Rouse* (1986 -1987)
  10. Bro. Leroy Wilson* (1988)
  11. Bro. Donald Moore* (1989 -1991)
  12. Bro. Arthur Griffa* (1992)
  13. Bro. Eric Anderson (1993 - 1994)
  14. Bro. Monty Brooks (1995 - 1996) *
  15. Bro. Keith Bell (1997)
  16. Bro. Elton Hawkins (1998 - 1999)
  17. Bro. Darrel Hartsfield (2000 - 2001)
  18. Bro. Joseph Gardner (2002)
  19. Bro. Langston Harley (2003 - 2004)
  20. Bro. Curtis Humphrey (2005 - 2006)
  21. Bro. Anthony Hayes (2007 - 2008)
  22. Bro. William Parrish (2009 - 2010)
  23. Bro. Marvin Bazemore (2011 - 2012)
  24. Bro. Olin Jackson (2013 - 2014)
  25. Bro. Keith Pressey (2015 -2016)
  26. Bro. Xavier Wilson (2017)
  27. Bro. Curtis Humphrey (2018 - 2019)
  28. Bro. Barry Devone (2020 - 2021)
  29. Bro. Michael Wilson (2022-2023)
  30. Bro. Larry L. Martin, Jr. (2023)

* Omega Chapter

Brother Larry L. Martin, Jr.

Brother Wayne Stackhouse
1st Vice Basileus

Brother Baja Rowe
2nd Vice Basileus

Brother Mike Riley
Keeper of Records & Seal

Brother Gary Owens
Keeper of Finance

Brother Steven Pierre-Paul

Brother Aaron King
Keeper of Peace

Brother Michael A. Hackett

Brother Mike Wilson
Immediate Past Basileus